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  • As a charity we are reliant on the kindness and generosity of people to support our service and the many volunteers who give their time free for others.

    Running such an organisation requires some element of paid coordination, it requires a place of business from which to deliver its services and particularly for the Wivey Link community transport service, it requires significant funding for running costs such as fuel and maintenance.

    Our fares do help towards these costs although we are constrained in how much we can reasonably charge for our journeys, especially given that some of our passengers are on quite limited incomes.

    For this reason we seek to supplement our revenue with three main forms of financial support; sponsorship by local businesses; general donations which are random and include collection boxes plus donations on-line which you can do by clicking the box above.

    Our new Wivey Link Money Boxes, seen here, can be collected from the Community Office for you to collect any small, loose change you wish to donate and when full, just drop into the office at your convenience. Every small donation helps to keep our cars on the road.

    All donations can be enhanced where applicable by filling in a gift-aid form, available by clicking the download link above or from the Community Office, which allows us to recoup tax and increase the value of donations. Completed forms need to be returned to the Community Office.

    In addition...

    ...why leaving a legacy is a gift to everyone in our Community

    Rural isolation is a significant barrier to people living in the area of Wiveliscombe and its surrounding parishes. By providing transport, Wivey Link allows people to retain their independence in their own homes. Covering over 65,000 miles and more than 7,300 single passenger journeys annually, Wivey Link really does make a difference to the area in which it operates.

    Without Wivey Link, many people would not be able to get to medical appointments, day care, social visits, shopping etc. Approximately 25% of our income is from donations.

    Wivey Link relies on three essential components to operate:

    • An employed scheduler to organise the journeys
    • The generosity of our drivers who provide in excess of 5,000 volunteer hours per year
    • Our vehicles. Two people carriers with wheelchair access with up to 7 passengers, a smaller car that can carry manual wheelchairs and 2 passengers plus a similar sized normal car for 4 passengers.

    Due to their high mileage our vehicles need replacing every four to five years. In order to achieve this we need to raise at least £20,000 per year to set aside for vehicle replacement. Your legacy would be restricted to this 'replacement vehicle' fund and would make a lasting and visible gift to the community in which we live. 


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