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  • Harnessing the Power of Volunteers....

    We are entirely dependent on our team of volunteers for the delivery of our services to the community; without them there would be no WAP and no Wivey Link.

    We have approximately 42 drivers and around 20 other volunteers including our Directors, all supporting the management and administration of the organisation.

    We are forever indebted to these wonderful people who dedicate themselves to helping others in some cases less fortunate than themselves. There is however no doubt that all these people also derive a deep sense of satisfaction from being able to do this and they thoroughly enjoy both the activity itself and the social contact which volunteering brings.

    Despite our numbers we are constantly looking for more people to volunteer so if you have an interest in becoming a driver or helping out in the Community Office, please do give us a ring; Jill Goodwin, our Wivey Link Manager, will be happy to chat with you. In case you are wondering, we do give our volunteers full training in all aspects of the job and drivers are mentored by a trained driver for their first few journeys.


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